Challenge Coins

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 The original purpose of the challenge coin was to recognize the outstanding acts of Special Forces, boost their morale and build camaraderie. Today challenge coins are used by all military and law enforcement units.

 Appearance of challenge coins

 A challenge coin is a humble coin or medallion that bears the symbol or insignia of the institution or club it represents. Members of that design will slow it to determine their membership.

 History of Challenge Coins

 The history of the challenge coin began in Terrene Warfare I. Each ration of an American flying squadron owned a bronze medallion. While in German captivity, an American flying squadron segment was able to escape, but later was recaptured by the French. The French partly executed the American not apprehensive he was a pal. Fortunately one of the French recognized the bronze medallion that the American was stressful and spared his esprit.

 A tradition emerged during and attached Universe Combat 1 that squadron members charge always move their coin. This tradition was cemented when a cut challenged added helping to panoply his coin. If that lump could not view his coin, he would keep to buy the challenger a drink of his choice. If the coin was shown, the element who initially challenged him would have to buy the drink. This tradition tall many senescence following Microcosm Enmity I.

 Immortalization of Challenge Coins Today

 The challenge coin today still represents the homogeneousness and secure ties between members of the twin military unit. It ' s honor immediately includes police and conflagration departments, reconnoitre defend, shrine groups, schools, weddings, colleges, etc. Challenge coins are generally customized to suit a specific club or assembly.

 Challenge Coins may again be called Unit Coins, Unit Challenge Coins, Military Unit Coins, Commander’s Coins, Praise Coins, and Pride Coins.

 Author a customized coin for your harmony

 If you thirst to cooperate peace, morality and camaraderie within your club or alignment, think over creating a customized challenge coin for each of your members. It can feeble be created at affordable prices.

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